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Gigha's Young Director

IGHT currently has 5 directors, 3 of whom are residents on the Isle of Gigha. 2 Directors have been co-opted on for their knowledge or understanding of a particular area of interest that benefits the IGHT Board. Mini biographies and register of interest are as follows:

Ian Wilson (Chair)

Ian is a motorman for CalMac on the Tayinloan-Gigha sailing and also rears livestock on the island. Ian has brought up his family of 4 on the island with 1 of his children returning with their own children. Ian came on to the Board in 2016 at a very challenging time. He is closely involved in many activities on the island, as well as volunteering with road maintenance and general maintenance for the Trust. Ian’s strengths lie in finance where he has played a key role in focussing the Board on reducing the Trusts debt. This has not been an easy task, but total debt is now reduced by over 50% with an aim of reducing it to £500,000 by the year end. This will see total debt payments reduce by on average £300,000 pa.

Jane Clements

Jane has lived on Gigha since she was 2 years old and was brought up at Tarbert Farm with her 9 siblings. Jane’s family still run Tarbert Farm today and are the producers of the Wee Isle Dairy milk and ice-cream. Jane works for CalMac on the Tayinloan-Gigha crossing and rears livestock on the island. Jane’s strengths as a director lie in her enthusiasm to engage in community activities and strong interest in Gigha's future.

Fergus Christie

 Fergus has been co-opted onto the IGHT Board annually since 2016 and brings very valuable legal expertise and knowledge to the Board. Fergus is based in Edinburgh and is one of the founding partners of Burnett Christie in 1993 which in 2004 became Burnett Christie Knowles McCourts (BCKM). Fergus undertakes both criminal and civil court work and has extensive knowledge and experience in both fields. Fergus has a holiday home on Gigha and visits regularly throughout the year.

Brandon Clements

Brandon is a young Board member at just 20 years old. Brandon has lived on Gigha his whole life and upon leaving the island to study software development in Glasgow, Brandon realised this career path wasn’t for him and has since returned to the island and works for an island fish farms. Brandon plays an active role with the young community, running the young Board and ensures the Board remains focussed on needs of the youth and future opportunities needed on the island.

Ailsa Raeburn

Ailsa brings community development, community asset ownership, property management and funding experience to the Board. She is a co-opted Director who lives in Argyll.  Her especial interests lie in the financial sustainability of the Trust and bringing forward new projects to help Gigha thrive and grow.

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